Welcome to Twechar Nursery where we promote a welcoming, inclusive environment for all our children and families.

Our nursery aims are:
• to support children in all aspects of their emotional, social, cognitive, and physical development
• to enable them to become independent, responsible and eager to learn
• to provide stimulating contexts for active learning
• to plan learning activities which build on children’s enthusiasm, inventiveness and creativity
• to build on each child’s knowledge and skills and recognise his or her stage of development
• to provide skilled interaction with each child

Through a Curriculum for Excellence we will enable all of our children to become:
Successful learners who learn from new experiences, develop skills in literacy and numeracy, explore and investigate, use their imagination and creativity and can follow their own interests.

Confident individuals who succeed in activities, have the satisfaction of tasks completed and learn through challenges.

Responsible citizens who learn to share and give and take, take part in making decisions, learn to respect themselves and others and who experience different ways of seeing the world.

Effective contributors who develop communication skills through playing together, tackle problems and respect the opinions of others.

Our nursery values, decided by the children are:

• we play with everyone
• we share the toys
• we look after the toys
• we listen
• we join in
• we help new children.
• we are kind when others are sad
• we say “please”, “thank you” and “sorry”
• we put things away

Our nursery vision is for our children to be:

• safe and secure
• healthy and happy
• achieving
• nurtured
• active
• respected, responsible and
• included and learn through challenges.
• within a caring environment that takes account of the needs and opinions of all stakeholders in partnership.

Our website covers a wide range of topics with links to relevant websites and documents, such as our most recent Care Inspectorate report. We hope you find the information available on our website helpful and informative.