School Aims


Our school aims are to enable all of our children to become

  • Successful learners
  • Confident individuals
  • Responsible citizens and
  • Effective contributors

We will

  • promote high aspirations and personal achievement
  • give opportunities for young people to acquire a full range of knowledge understanding and skills relevant to growing, living and working in the contemporary world
  • provide a stimulating envcironment for learning with a choice of teaching and learning approaches to support all our young people to achieve their potential
  • encourage young people to be informed and responsible citizens and to make valuable contributions to society

We will help our children to learn about and develop our school values chosen by the children themselves:

  • We will respect everyone
  • We will show good manners
  • We will be honest
  • We will be helpful
  • We will try our best
  • We will be responsible
  • We will look after our school
  • We will look after our friends
  • We will be kind and gentle
  • We will all work together

Our vision is for our children to be

  • safe and secure
  • healthy and happy
  • achieving
  • nurtured
  • active
  • respected
  • responsible and
  • included

within a caring environment that takes account of the needs and opinions of all stakeholders in partnership.