Eco Work

 The nursery children are involved with the Eco Schools programme. We follow our Eco Code below:-


=As part of this years Eco Week we took part in lots of activities, including:-

  • Walk to Nursery Week.
  • Sponsored Litter Pick as part of 'Keep Scotland Beautiful' Campaign.
  • Designing a cycle helmet.
  • Recycled litter activity.

Look at the photos below, we had a busy week!











The nursery boys and girls take dropping litter very seriously. Every year, the nursery take part in the annual 'Clean Up Scotland' campaign. This was a sponsored event and we raised lots of money for school funds as well as keeping our school and grounds litter free!

Outdoor Play

 We are delighted to have been able to identify funds to develop the outdoor area and, as you can see, they have arrived!

We asked the children to choose their favourite things from the play catalogue and now they are here and the source of much fun and enjoyment already!

 As you can imagine, each of these quality pieces was quite costly and we would like to continue to refurbish the area, so we will make this our focus for fundraising and we will welcome ideas and suggestions.




The nursery boys and girls help to recycle a variety of materials. They recycle paper, cardboard, plastic bottles and batteries.

The nursery also help the school to recycle ink cartridges, glasses, stamps and clothes. Keep up the good work!


The Nursery Garden

From Farm to Fork - we planted some vegetables in May, including potatoes, carrots, red onions and peas.





By the time we returned after the summer holidays, they had all grown and grown and grown! We harvested our crop and used the vegetables to make some delicious soup - yum, yum, yum!"