Eco Schools

Twechar Primary School registered as an Eco School during the session 2005/2006.  In June 2008 we achieved our first Green Flag Award.

Many thanks to  Ronald Docherty Civil Engineering Company for the donation of the flag pole.

 In November 2016 we were awarded our 5th Green Flag Award.

Our Eco Committee for session 2017/ 2018:-

  • Brooke
  • Lucas
  • Molly
  • Brooke
  • Kris
  • Leah
  • Gorjia 
  • Cara
  •  Junior Road Safety Officers - Alana and Demi

  • Miss Stewart and Mrs MacIsaac also help us with our eco work. All the boys and girls in the school and nursery help with our eco activities.

Our school Eco Code is our mission statement.

We ran a competition during our Eco Week to create a new Eco Code. Primary 1/2 were our winners! This time, the code is a song. Sing along!   You will find an Eco Code in every room in our school and nursery.


  Our Eco Schools work involves everyone in the nursery and school and we are involved in activities within the village of Twechar too.


                                Supporting the annual 'Clean Up Scotland' campaign around the village.

Eco Week

Every year we take part in our Day of Action. This year we had a whole week of eco activities!

 Activities included:-

  • Activities to encourage walking and cycling. Understanding the benefits and importance of cycling.
  • Walk to School Week.
  • Designing a cycling helmet.
  • A Zumba session with our parent volunteer.
  • A sponsored litter pick as part of Clean Up Scotland' community clear up.
  • Making and eating (!) a fruit salad. 
  • Bringing a 'litter free' packed lunch.
  • Creating a litter placemat.
  • Creating a new Eco Code (to include our 3 topics - litter, transport and energy)
  • Making a draught excluder.
  • Complete an energy questionnaire at home. Discussed the results in class.
  • Designing a 'Top tips for Saving Energy in the Home' poster.

Look at the photos below, what a great day!